Текст песни «Dancing With The Dead» — Will Black

Текст песни «Dancing With The Dead» из альбома 2008 года «Dancing With The Dead» Will Black.

Dancing With The Dead

Tell the girls I’m gone
To where the wicked
Don’t get no rest
Living 9 to 5
Is for the broken hearted
I don’t fear no love
Beauty is just a test
Midnight keeps
Falling too early
The weekend keeps
On coming too fast
I been taking my steps
Downtown at The Roxy
I sold my soul
Just to make it last
Sweet Lucy
Comes walking closer
Next to me And by the lights off
The mirrorball
I finally see
She ain’t so pretty
Not like what those
Other ghouls say
«I'm sorry Lucy»
I turn my head
And walk away
I’ve been dancing
Dancing with the dead
I keep sliding further
Guess it’s time
That I check my head
Get away
Is what you say
But it don’t matter
Much to me now
These souls
That I hang with are
The living dead
And it’s too late
I’m buried 6 feet down
As the nightbreed
Fall upon the city streets
The dying crawl out
From underneath
Their shelter from the heat
They drain your lifeline
They tell you
That you got to stay
Goodnight sunlight
Into the dark I fade away
Bury everything I know
Everything I say

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