Текст песни «Pear Shaped» — Will and the People

Текст песни «Pear Shaped» из альбома 2014 года «Whistleblower» Will and the People.

Pear Shaped

I do want to better the world
It’s easier not to care
But then I just feel alone
First I should better myself
Just a ridiculous head on a body of bones
In the shape of a pear
I know they’re listening there
In the black of the market
Where the souls just stare
And noone makes a sound
Till there’s a sniff of success
Then suddenly we progress into the palm of their hands
Cheeky peeky Tom’s always criticizing everything
He wants to be somebody but instead he’s staying vinigan (?)
Then there’s John who’s always pitifully battling
Forgetting that he’s missing what is actually happening
But if he’s happy
Then who’m I to care
People can be stand (???)
I can make my mind as I see fit (?)
I take the time to play with it I can be a fool
I don’t care that I’m pear shaped
But I can hardly wait
To be on top of the world
Feels like I’m rolling stoned
How long’s this gonna last
What was my point again
Oh yeah, we are all human
Any argument said
This clever clever Chuck’s always looking into everything
He cannot seem to close his eyes and see like this amazing (?)
(?) and (?) never satisfied with anything
Poking with his stick instead of laughing, you’ll be figuring
I don’t think he’s happy
But who am I to care
People can be (?)
I make I make I make I make my mind as I see fit (?)
I take I take I take I take the time to play with it I can be I be I be yes I can be a fool
And I don’t care don’t care don’t care because I know we really do Want to better the world
It’s way easier not to care
But then we just feel alone
So maybe we should better ourselves
Just a ridiculous head on a body of bones
In the shape of a pear

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