Текст песни «Facade» — They Will Fall

Текст песни «Facade» из альбома 2015 года «On the Depths of Depravity» They Will Fall.


To the imitators:
change the world.
Well, pardon my suspicions, but I’m not quick to sing along when division is our greatest pride and joy.
How we declare such hopeful words and neglect the effect of mass appeal!
I don’t want to be a critic, but counterfeit faith must be unveiled.
Observe the ones around you. Observe the life you live.
This is a city of dead religion, and we are its lifeless citizens.
We’re so quick to blame our weaknesses on demons, as if not a trace of our
flesh is at fault.
We twist this beautiful redemption in Christ into illogical entitlement,
the nightmare
called divine favor.
Innate goodness does not exist on the earth. We must quit speaking like God
owes us.
We can only crawl lower and lower into the depths of our depravity.
Only God can rescue.
Only Christ can save.
When will we learn that we can’t legislate conviction, nor is there a sales
pitch to learn and perfect?
Aren’t we witnesses to what we have seen?
Speak honestly.
Do I view grace in the lens of a trend?
Do I wear the cross as fashionable?
Let us be more than transient followers.
Break our will to depend on Yours.
Break our will.
Step back out of your selfish fervor. The light has become the darkness.
We’re not the shining city on a hill we thought we’d be, consistently authentic
in being fake to please.
If seeking truth is not our motive, then what has taken its place?
I plead with you to examine your hearts, citizens.

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