Текст песни «What More Can I Do» — The Zombies

Текст песни «What More Can I Do» из альбома 2008 года «The Zombies» The Zombies.

What More Can I Do

What more can I do You know I’d gladly loose myself to you
But something always holds me back
I wish I knew what it is that stops me from loving you
The way it should be Oh, oh, oh What more can I do
I’m trying hard, I know I could believe in you
But something always keeps a hold on me, and just won’t let me go Such a burning bully inside
While I’m trying to hide that I want you to own me, own me Oh -oh, oh, yeah
What more can I say, I’ve said it all now
Got such a lot to loose and price to pay
If you ignore me, what more can I do
(What more can I do)
Oh What more can I do
Oh What more can I do

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