Текст песни «Beyond the Borderline» — The Zombies

Текст песни «Beyond the Borderline» из альбома 2015 года «Still Got That Hunger» The Zombies.

Beyond the Borderline

I don’t want to lose this precious time
Baby you’ve come so far
You’ve crossed the borderline
Can you feel it humming in the air
Now there’s a place for you
Somewhere the tide has turned
We mustn’t throw it away
This feeling here today
Keep it together now
We can’t let the memories slip away
You know it feels so fine
Beyond the borderline
Everywhere the air is clearing round
We hardly dare to dream
Somewhere the tide could turn
And that your strength and your grace
Would bring us to this special place
Keep it together now
It’s what you dreamed of all your life
That magic moment’s here
No heartache and sacrifice
All worth it just a feel for changing atmosphere
It’s very clear
I can’t bear to leave it all right now
The world just feels so fine
Beyond the borderline
I can’t bear to see it disappear
There’s so much love tonight
Right here the tide has turned
We mustn’t throw it away
The world is changed today
We’ve come together now
With just one mind
And it feels fine
Beyond the borderline

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