Текст песни «One Flight One Flame» — The Sleeping

Текст песни «One Flight One Flame» из альбома 2007 года «Believe What We Tell You» The Sleeping.

One Flight One Flame

«So, crazy I am hoping that we can get together.
And now crazy for the fact that we could get away.
Because I’m dying all alone, trying to hold on to what I have.
And I’m knowing why I care.
Working towards what’s best for you.
(One flight, one flame)
Flights ablaze, lighting up the sky.
So, leave me here all alone as you pack your smiles and a dream.
Because, I am crying for something that I’ve given up on.
Broken and given up on you.
Bleed, dream, slip away.
Everything’s gone.
Crash through my eyes.
Don’t make that mistake of wasting time because I’m wasting time."

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