Текст песни «Undefeated» — The Game

Текст песни «Undefeated» из альбома 2015 года «Game Land» The Game.


When I first met… I got a pocket full of.
Fresh … Like the. shock
White rear Lexus in my… call the shark
Dirty white teeth cause I just came from the block
Dirt under my nails and I think he can tell
I just cooked everything else I had the… snail
I was something you never seen. on some polo jeans
Eyes shut. rare walking in some rare …
Cincinnati like a picture on a. team
I was making hits so I… she turned around whisper in my ear
Welcome to the. and I couldn’t do nothing but laugh
Hold my weight to the six four …
If you need me for d-tox I’ll be on my way
Nobody is gonna take my shut against this world
Keep my eyes on the prize and live my life
Said I am undefeated
While I am gonna be around I will never let you down
I remember walking in the studio and he was like
Then I walked out of the studio King of LA
.kind of hard to figure out cause my style is West Coast
So you haters you better watch your fucking mouth
Cause I am the king of LA and the prince of New York
I fuck with Dr Dre and I bleed …
Stop on speaking of detox nigger you don’t know the half
24 million nigger don’t talk
But if you were. let’s walk
D boys gangstas hustlers talk to me Every nigger from every hood come on walk with me Game recognize I’m gonna always be saint
You can act your bitch but I think you all know my name
And you can act Dre with me in the hall of fame
So Busta Rhymes… magic come …

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