Текст песни «The Ocean» — The Game

Текст песни «The Ocean» из альбома 2015 года «Game Land» The Game.

The Ocean

(Fuckin' everywhere
Do you know where to find me, right under that palm tree island)
I’m goin', goin'
Take a flight like a motherfuckin' Boeing
Aftermath, and faggot like you ain’t knowin'
We stack Bentleys, drive fast cars
And fuck with multiple minages
Livin' the largest, nigga we heartless
How could you blame us?
Crooked cops, they frame us They mad cause I’m more famous than Amos, right?
Taking cookies from these rookies could be dangerous, right?
Salute your motherfucking city of them Angels, right!
That entertain the life, that ain’t the life that we livin'
Most of my niggas is better off in prison
Wishin', missing
They fuckin' kids, man, they fuckin' wife, man
The double meaning only caught up with that white man
Turn off the lights, man, put up the lights, man
Let 'em know we still got it for the right price, man
And you could disappear for the right price, man
This the left culture, best know everybody get lost just…
(Tryna' find the ocean) It’s over here
(Tryna' find the ocean) Yeah, it’s to the left
(Tryna' find the ocean) Cause we ain’t hard to find, follow the sunshine
(Fuckin' everywhere)
Where the beaches? Where the bitches?
You know, right here, so come on in Well, I’m gone man
They out of Goose, get Patron then
Can’t sell it, move it by the zone and
The money talk, only conversate with grown men
The paper real basic, like the birds that get flown in California hotties, like furniture in my lobby
Where I’m from, don’t you know? Nigga, drinkin' ain’t a hobby
I’m bi-coastal, nigga don’t make me go postal
You know I keep the Glock 9 comfy in my holster
I’m supposed to ride roasters
Sip bottles on Louis coasters
Feed bitch niggas to the vultures
What, you mad cause I’m back with the doc?
Money, alongside the yacht
Diamonds inside of my watch, ballin'
We all live playin' poker with this rap shit
Game time chips on the table, you know how I get
Hundred thousand Benz
Million dollar checks
Lookin' on my city, kinda hard when you standin' through the clouds and…
Whenever you touchdown in Cali, be prepared
Cause niggas there, might put your life on the line
Put your life on the line
Put your life on the line
Put your life on the line
If you wonderin' where I be You know where to find me
I’ll be right by that ocean
Don’t get it twisted
It’s the fuckin' pacific
Come and see, I be right by that ocean
From comin' to follow that order
Understood? We comin' from the water
From comin' to follow that order
Understood? We comin' from the water
(Tryna' find the ocean
Tryna' find the ocean
Tryna' find the ocean)

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