Текст песни «Streets» — The Game

Текст песни «Streets» из альбома 2013 года «Mo Thugs Presents: The Game Last of a Compton Breed» The Game.


Now I sound so raw, cos I’m down by law,
Trying to play me cos I’m rapping I will break yo jaw,
Catch a nigga in these streets make you take clothes off,
Leave you dead butt naked,
Man you fuckin' with a boss, cross pass with me,
I’m in the hood all them watts in the Bronx where they cater all around
The devil block, trouble not,
I’m ready for em, niggas they know I’m ready for them,
I’m the hardest I’m a? so I’m heated heavy for it,
Why you looking for me nigga wit yo looking ass,
Meet me at the Club all my niggas get to whippin' ass,
Then a nigga sue me, sue me nigga pos’ed to be thug,
Nigga Pos’ed to be street, pull your skirt down nigga cos we smellin' yo pussy,
The whole bottom line is you cant fuck wit' me,
Will.I.Am the ghetto!, Will.I.Am the ghetto! (Streets),
Cause' I’m a thug by nature, thug by nature,
Gotta keep thuggin', I’m thuggin', gotta keep thuggin', I’m thuggin'.
You looking, for me, ill be, rollin',
You can find me in the streets, you, you can find me in the streets
If you looking, for me, ill be, rollin'
You can find me in the streets, you, you can find me in the streets
Its the black rag assassin, fourty fo' mag blast,
And black ski mask throwing shots out a dodge magnum,
Gang bang forever put the barrel on the head of the devil,
Wit homicidal intentions I reign terror,
On any cliq or squad you niggas bitch you fraud,
I’m a tickin' time bomb let it finish the job,
Lyrical damage on one, two punch, crush you amateurs,
Box and watch me execute like (cockins?),
My flow piping hot scorchin', proceed with caution murder any mc,
Ya soul is lost, when I’m ridin' with them bone thugs, black glocks and chrome
Parked on the block with the nose up, get ready for the face off,
Nicholas Cage ain’t got shit on a nigga with a fuckin' grenade,
One man army, only two things in the world can call me,
West pussy and that bomb ass chronic,
I never back down, never back down,
Never back down, now let the bone thugs back
Now we them niggas in them black dickies and steel toe boots,
Stomp on that nigga that got a pistol but he still gon' shoot,
Cause he a hoe, like half to these niggas is rappin',
I’m a let you know, these niggas is actin' and puttin' on a fancy show,
We done checked these niggas, met these niggas man I don’t respect these niggas,
I’m a real mother fucking T-H-U-G, original hate to be a critic,
But yo shit I ain’t feeling, no, you niggas is elementary,
I got history, lyrically you cant see me, physically ill bring your misery,
You niggas ain’t been hearing me, but listen to these other niggas hits,
You hear my twist they blew my shit, but its all good, cos we keep it all hood,
And when we see niggas get rolled dog like a hog should,
Just lemme put the mother fuckin' money on the wood,
Bitch niggas would be gone if they could, but I’m a shut em down,
I’m a shut 'em down, I’m a shut em down, bone niggas known not to fuck around!
If you lookin'!
I got my hand on my balls, grippin in the raws,
Hood star, shit could be my boulevard, you know I’m in the streets,
I ain’t hard to reach, on some cool shit and some beef shit nigga I’m in the
Streets, this ain’t my only occupation hittin' avenues, chasin' paper always,
And I know how to get It, and pissy hallways, in the raw way,
You can get it how you live, nigga step the wrong way,
I let it bang b-bang bang, I’m the street for real,
And I love it but you know how the game play got me ready to kill,
Somebody, but its all good, wit' these shows at my streets nigga all good,
Gotta be stacking my paper like that’s all I know, these niggas is playin',
I gotta get it like lock and load, winter through summer, summer back through
to winter,
We hustlin' dawg, hustlin', hustlin', hustlin',
Give it all you got, give it all you got, hustlin',
Niggas is talkin' bout weed now watch
Yo mouth!
If you lookin'!

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