Текст песни «Intro» — The Game

Текст песни «Intro» из альбома 2008 года «LAX» The Game.


In the name of Jesus, let us pray:
Father we thank you for waking us up this morning.
We thank you for surrounding us with your guardian angels as we slept.
We thank you for waking our family, friends, and loved ones as well keeping us safe.
We thank you for waking our enemies this day Father for they are your children
as we are.
Lord I, Earl Simmons, standin the gap for Jayceon Terrell Taylor and pray that
he is continued as a child of yours.
He is continued in your grace, he is continued with the blessings that you’ve
blessed so many others with.
In the name of Jesus.
We pray that any obstacle that the devil plans to place in our path will be removed in the name of Jesus, Father.
Every spirit, everything that is not of you we come against right now Father.
Every spirit of addiction.
Every spirit of anger.
Every spirit of jealousy.
Every spirit of deception.
Every spirit of greed.
Every spirit of envy.
Every spirit of lust.
Ee come against right now, in the name of Jesus, Father.
Let us say:
Devil, we repute you in the name of Jesus!

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