Текст песни «Early Morning Moves» — The Game

Текст песни «Early Morning Moves» из альбома 2007 года «Born In The Bay» The Game.

Early Morning Moves

Yo Wax
You ever woke up and wanted to kill a nigga for breakfast?
Here’s some food for thought
Rollin' down the I-5
Turnin' the 40 ounce bottle upside down
Thinkin' of homicide why?
Cuz a nigga tried to take my life
Not once but twice
But I caught them bullets like Jerry Rice
I think about it all the time
When I kiss my son good night
When I’m playin' Madden
When I’m sendin' kites
To the penitentiary
Where my big homie who’s locked down 18 hours a day
I’m on the freeway listenin' to Sade
Feelin' like I’m in a movie
Only car on the highway
It’s just one of them days
Top down, sky grey
I hope I don’t hafta kill a nigga today
I’m out for dead presidents to represent made
Don’t leave the house unless I got the weapons on made
The one man NWA
And when I pull I always pop
That’s why I’m livin' today
Boy you can’t fuck wit me (Wax, Wax)
Boy you can’t fuck wit me I speed across the Bay Bridge
Turnin' my Hennessey bottle right side up Plottin' a homicide why?
Some sucka won’t pay his debt
Thought I tore his head off but only grazed his neck
I think about it all the time
How did I miss?
After this I gotta doubt my 9
Steppin' back up to a 45 Range drop
Squallin' overhead it was a stormy sky
Another one of them days
Never would have been a problem had my runner been paid
A lil' late now
Your money’s no good
I’m all in yo hood
Beef don’t get you out the house I bet the ho could
Move quietly, creepin' on his ass
Got my pistol and in his speak on my behalf
Flea the scene in the CLK
Sincerely yours, the one man BOK
Yo Game
Dog only owed me like dub right?
This the only way to get paper serious round here you know
Fuck it

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