Текст песни «Before I Let Go» — The Family

Текст песни «Before I Let Go» из альбома 2013 года «Now Thats Family Reunion Music» The Family.

Before I Let Go

You made me happy
This you can bet
You split right beside me, yeah
And I won’t forget
And I really love you
You should know
I wanna make sure I’m right, girl
Before I let go Now we’ve had our good time
That’s what they say
We’ve hurtin' each other
Girl, it’s a shame
I won’t be foolish, no, no I wanna know
I wanna make sure I’m right, girl, oh Before I let go, yeah, uh You know I thank God sun rises and shines on you
You know there’s nothin', nothin', nothin' I would not do Whoa, no Before I let you go Oh…
I would never, never, never, never, never, never, never
Never let you go before I go We were so close
I love your charm, ooh
I can understand it, no Where did we go wrong
I won’t be askin', girl
I’ve got to know
I gotta make sure I’m right
Before I let go, ha-ha
I wanna know
I wanna know
Oh… oh… oh… oh… yeah
I can’t, I can’t let you go, mmm
I can’t, I can’t let you go
'Cause I know
Ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba (Ha, come on, darlin')
Ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba
(I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know before I let you go, I gotta tell you
Ba ba ba ba ba (Come on, girl)
Ba ba ba (Come on)
Ba ba ba ba ba (I can’t let you)
Ba ba ba (Go, go, go, go, go, yeah)
Ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba (I wanna know, know, I wanna know)
Ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
Ba ba ba ba ba

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