Текст песни «White Lightning» — The Fall

Текст песни «White Lightning» из альбома 2007 года «Shift Work» The Fall.

White Lightning

In North Carolina way back in the hills
Lived my pappy and he had him a still
He brewed white lightning 'til the sun go down
Then he’d get out a jug and pass it around
Mighty mighty pleasin'
Poppa kept a-squeezin' and called it White Lightning
G-men, T-men, Revenue too
Searching for the place where he made his brew
They were lookin' tryna book him
But my pappy kept a-cookin' it White Lightning
I asked my pappy why he called the brew
White Lightning’s full of morning dew
Took one sip then I knew
When my eyes bulged out and my face turned blue
A city slicker came and said «I'm mighty tough,
I wanna get a taste of the powerful stuff»
Took one slug and drank it right down
And I heard him moaning as he hit the ground

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