Текст песни «Living Too Late» — The Fall

Текст песни «Living Too Late» из альбома 1990 года «45 84 89 : A Sides» The Fall.

Living Too Late

Crow’s feet are ingrained on my face
And I’m living too late
Try to wash the black off my face, but it’s ingrained
And I’m living too late
Sleepless, in-control spleen
Agreed ace family
Must have stump tripod in the genes
I’m immune to things
In my dreams
I saw through the trees
O’er the poison river locks
Talk treacherous would beat
But still my heart it is rock
Finally going through old parasite gate
But there’s a 24-hour clock watch
And I’m living too late
Sometimes life is like a new bar
Plastic seats, beer below par
Food with no taste, music grates
I’m living too late
Once talking was my favourite while
But now I know a conversation’s end
Before it’s done
Maybe I’m living too long
The daylight
I see trouble on the streets
Fearing catastrophe to meet
Walk down the devil’s boulevard
But still my heart is hard
They say them cellars black
But I know they’re wrong
Think it’s one
Living Too Long
[extra verses on Living Too Long:
Eyes like two TV screens
Continual open
Feel no pain
I live again
I’m super sad sweet sad
Line is cracked
Vision gone
I’m living too long]

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