Текст песни «Divine (Album Version (Explicit))» — The-Dream

Текст песни «Divine (Album Version (Explicit))» из альбома 2013 года «IV Play» The-Dream.


Backseat driving, wonderful islands, oh yeah
Beautiful morning sky, coffee and New York Times, oh yeah
I can change my mind mid-air and fly anywhere, oh yeah
Pure red wine, life is so divine, oh yeah
So divine
So divine
So divine
So divine
Rolex movements, I’m never excluded, oh yeah
Dine with kings, dessert amongst queens, oh yeah
Weeks on yachts, almost forgot, oh yeah
The time of day, is it March or May?
As the seats recline, this is divine, oh yeah
As I define divine
Living in this neverending sky
A devotion to these secret ways of mine
Burning lights all day and all night
Return to me Roman days
Where the riches play
Wait, I know this place
I’ve been here before
Living in the zenith in all
And the only thing I see
Is infinity

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