Текст песни «AK47 (Album Version (Explicit))» — The-Dream

Текст песни «AK47 (Album Version (Explicit))» из альбома 2012 года «Terius Nash : 1977» The-Dream.


You didn’t ever give a fuck, now I don’t really give a fuck
You and your new nigga in that black truck
I can’t believe you tried to roll up on me like that
Hearts like a black mask, you don’t give a fuck
When you see me you go blast, you don’t give a fuck
So I when I see you, I’mma mash, I don’t give a fuck
And fuck your new nigga, y’all know where I’m at My father told me, «these bitches breed envy»
My momma told me, «put some tint on it» so they can’t see me Instead of loving you, I’m out here finger fucking semis
Made a pact never let another bitch near me Now I keep another nine on me (you don’t know about)
And keep a lookout on the door like I’m in a dope house
And this tech will make a nigga back up
I’m trigger happy on the next bitches trying to act up Girl you remind me of my AK-47
'Chop, Chop', send the doc, to 211
Baby you hell, you used to feel like heaven
(Man down) She gon' make sure I don’t live to tell it Girl you remind me of my AK-47
'Chop, Chop', send the doc, 187
My daughter screamin' and 'pop', she still yellin'
I’m tryna bust back homie, but this tech nine locked up on me
My AK-AK-AK-uh (AK-AK-AK-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh)
Get yo' money, gon' head shawty live it up And for a nigga that’s half of me, give it up You gotta love it, had my heart up in rehab
Peep back like 45 on yo' fuckin' ass
Now I’m back waving .45s at your fucking ass
Not literally speaking, but figuratively speaking
Uh-oh look like you’ve seen a ghost
On the Seventh Day He rose, Last Supper you motherfuckers
She don’t give a fuck, shootin' in the crowd
Don’t care who she hurt, actin' all loud
Inadvertently parties disperse
She’s killed us all, innocent ones fall
She stands tall, she shot us down
Lost it all, look at her now
Old soul is like crabs in a barrel
Pull this through the barrel
And I miss you like being broke, no joke
On my momma, this is the realest thing I ever spoke
My AK-AK-AK-uh (AK-AK-AK-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh) Yeah
And I miss you like, they ain’t touchin' with you
And you ain’t foolin nobody
Damn shawty why you actin' so dramatic?

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