Текст песни «If You Don't Know Me By Now» — The Diamonds

Текст песни «If You Don't Know Me By Now» из альбома 1975 года «Those Doo Wop Days» The Diamonds.

If You Don't Know Me By Now

All the things,
that we’ve been through,
You should understand me,
Like I understand you.
Now baby, I know the difference,
between right and wrong.
I ain’t going to do nothing,
to upset our happy home.
Don’t get so excited,
When I come home a little late at night.
Because we only act like children,
When we argue, fuss, and fight.
We all got our own funny moods,
I’ve got mine.
Woman you’ve got yours too.
Just trust me,
Like I trust in you.
As long as we’ve been together,
that should be so easy to do.
Just get yourself together,
Or we might as well say good-bye.
What good is a love affair,
If we can’t see eye to eye?

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