Текст песни «Scene Beyond Dreams» — The Call

Текст песни «Scene Beyond Dreams» из альбома 1991 года «The Walls Came Down: The Best Of The Mercury Years» The Call.

Scene Beyond Dreams

So where to begin
Let’s start with a child
And where will it end
Where the perfect guest meets his fate
In a scene beyond dreams
I stand where I stand
Convinced by the sight
We hold in our hands
Darkness and light
where they meet
In a scene beyond dreams
And a mother cries
And she cries
So we watch, And we wait
And we watch, And the hero dies
So where do we fit
Earthbound and chained
Can this be it Visions of prophets and kings
From a scene beyond dreams
scattered and armed
Fuel to the fire
Compassion, alarm
Images fade into scenes beyond dreams
The awaited appears branded with lies
Calls to is own loved and despised
From a scene beyond dreams
And a mother cries, And she cries
And we watch, And we wait
And we watch, And the hero dies

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