Текст песни «Shut Up, Get Out» — The Bones

Текст песни «Shut Up, Get Out» из альбома 2007 года «Straight Flush Ghetto» The Bones.

Shut Up, Get Out

Clean the pipes spin the wheel
Check the metres, fuck the brakes
Clear the way, I´m coming through
A head of rust, a heart of chrome
Another gallon is what it takes
Pull over, I´m coming through
Yeah get away
Start up, heads down
This piece of shit won´t touch the ground
It´s time to get my engine humming
Shut up, get out
You wanna stear this motherfucker round
I´ve got to keep my motor running
Shifting gear, overdrive
No one´s closing up on me
No station´s in my sight
A one way road, one track mind
Near on collision course
Bury me in this wreck. but I´ll cruise the night
Yeah get away
I´ve got to keep my motor
I´ve got to keep my motor
I´ve got to keep my motor
They wanna keep this mother down

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