Текст песни «She Hates Me (yeah Yeah Yeah)» — The Bones

Текст песни «She Hates Me (yeah Yeah Yeah)» из альбома 2007 года «Burnout Boulevard» The Bones.

She Hates Me (yeah Yeah Yeah)

Cruisin' low, all alone
Once again, oh God I need a miracle
I wonder why, I’m wasting time
For every day you love me less, yeah
You were here but never meant to stay
My bad luck charm became a ball and chain
A chicken race, now I see the light
A 50 ton truck versus me on my bike
Every time I really want you
Every time I really need you
Ain’t no doubt, I’m out of bounds
It’s all a drag, but I can’t get enough
Light 'em up, but shut me down
See if I care
Wrong side of another day
Let’s even the score, let it go my way
You shake my dreams and I know I’m suck
So back to the facts that I’m shit outta luck
Every time I get stood up Never bored, though I’m torn
It’s all a blast, I can’t get enough
The God of wisdom, good looks and cash
had a bad, bad day while creating me fast
Every time I get stood up Every time I get stood up Yeah, every time I get stood up Every time I really want her
Every time I really need her
She hates me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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