Текст песни «Think Bigger» — The Big

Текст песни «Think Bigger» из альбома 2006 года «Whatever Makes You Happy» The Big.

Think Bigger

Ohh think bigger.
Snap your trigger.
Drop your figure.
Think bigger.
On a greasy pole, on a slippery slope
Takin' comfort in a God of no hope.
Hating one and all, it makes you a fool
I’m bracing myself for the mental health.
You are bleeding a species dry
'Cause there’s certain things that you won’t try.
Another fuckin' song about unity,
But it’s a truth 'cause it’s a purity.
Who’s the guilty one?
Often negative.
From it he can’t run
'Cause he wants to live…
So we have resorted to an anthem chorus
'Cause everything eventually will fackin' bore us.
Think bigger.
Ohh think bigger!
Think bigger.

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