Текст песни «Surprise (LP Version)» — Stone

Текст песни «Surprise (LP Version)» из альбома 2010 года «Make Up In Love» Stone.


You organize your life so perfectly
You even take the time to plan your spontaneity
You gotta place for everything except your heart
That world as you know is about to fall apart
Here comes love to shake you up Yank your chain and kick your butt
Right on outta that rut
There’s no rhyme or reason, it’s powerful strong
It rocks you outta your comfort zone
Into the great unknown
The shock wears off, you settle in When you realize you’re happier than you have ever been
So you think we’ll just leave well enough alone
But she’s way ahead of you, she has been all along
There comes love in a wedding dress
With a ring and a promise, you’re scared to death
But you don’t second guess
?Cause you trust your heart and you trust her more
You never thought you could be so sure
Of what forever’s for
One day you come home without a call
You see a suitcase packed and waiting in the hall
She comes in and looks at you through tears
And says I think it’s time to go, the baby’s almost
There comes love one minute old
Six precious pounds you’re scared to hold
And she owns you heart and soul
There’s clothes and cars and college one day
How will you keep those boys away
She smiles at you as if to say
This story just goes on and on But I’ve run out of time

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