Текст песни «Not Me (LP Version)» — Stone

Текст песни «Not Me (LP Version)» из альбома 2010 года «Make Up In Love» Stone.

Not Me

If I could only turn back time
To the days when you were mine
I’d wrap you up with these two arms
And never let you go
I’d say the things I didn’t say
The words that might have made you stay
I’d build my world around you, not me I was always somewhere else
Thinkin' only of myself
Livin' just to chase a dream
A dream that was a doubt
I should’ve seen the warnin' signs
I never paid 'em any mind
Everybody saw it comin', not me I kept reachin' for the stars and shootin' for the moon
When all along I had them in my hand
Little did I know how fast my world could slip away
It took losin' you for me to understand
That all you ever wanted was
Just to be a step above
All the things that stood between
The love we should have had
I can’t say that I blame you now
For holdin' on to what you’ve found
I guess I’m why you’re with him now
I guess I’m why you’re with him, not me

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