Текст песни «The Last Song Ever Written» — Stars

Текст песни «The Last Song Ever Written» из альбома 2010 года «The Five Ghosts» Stars.

The Last Song Ever Written

After this, nothing will rhyme
This is the last time that you’ll ever see us After this, you’re gonna go blind
This is the last time that there’ll be a last time
You’ll wake up to the day without it This is the last time that you’re gonna lose someone
After this, it’s you and your friends
It’s you and your friends
This is the last song that was ever written
Melody is over and done
All of the words we sing erase each other
You only need songs when you’re young.
There was a strange goodbye outside the station.
There was a letter three weeks later in the mail
We didn’t know we knew you 'til we lost you
You tried to leave us all alone, we wish you had failed
We’re gonna sing a song without words
And a tune you haven’t heard in a long time
Not since the year you were two
And she sang to you in the wintertime
And it goes la la la la

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