Текст песни «Important Things (Specter Magic)» — Snowing

Текст песни «Important Things (Specter Magic)» из альбома 2016 года «That Time I Sat in a Pile of Chocolate» Snowing.

Important Things (Specter Magic)

Full speed to a future of self-medication and poor understanding
of everything you wasted four years in learning
(the future the future, the airs fucking burning).
And sleep, I can’t sleep.
I did some funny things with my best friend Patrick.
This is a song that will most likely bore you.
This is a song that will most likely put you to sleep.
Oh my. My god.
Why do I stay up late just to wake up late and feel lousy?
If that’s the thing, if that’s everything, why can’t I stop?
Another empty hearted notion gone to shit, but it belongs in shit.
Why can’t I see the sunspots in your eyes?

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