Текст песни «Whisper Of Truth (Interlude)» — Snow

Текст песни «Whisper Of Truth (Interlude)» из альбома 2002 года «Two Hands Clapping» Snow.

Whisper Of Truth (Interlude)

I wasen’t born to tell yo no lies
Blame the routine and then ask them why
All of the secret and all of them spize
Now its time for us to open our eyes
Recently thoughts programed in my mind
I hear a whisper of truth
You can’t contain Snow not this time
Cause we’ve gone and looked at your prove
Don’t get burned by the first flame
At least those thoughts come out your brain
Slowly just bring back your love
Let those wild horses breath
Come together you and me And we can go on and go on and we can go on and on I hear a whi… ok

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