Текст песни «Steedly Woa (LP Version)» — Snow

Текст песни «Steedly Woa (LP Version)» из альбома 1997 года «Justuss» Snow.

Steedly Woa

Were havin' a party, were havin' a session
Come on and join the redemption
Say steedly steedly woa
Say steedly steedly woa
Say steedly steedly steedly steedly steedly woa
Them want I, them want I To perform as them general
Them claim say, them claim say
We have the credential
Come in a from the cold
Me warm ya body and soul
Me have the girls upon remote control
Me never did act shy
The girls do give me reply
So after hours i go meet i go fly
Nuff are gonna be good nuff a gwan bad
The stand me have to give them
Is the stand me have to have
Man they have nuff girls
Man nuff not to brag
Girls a love the man a when me kill them with the shag
I’ve been feelin like i wanna go dancin'
With someone else cause i’m tired of dancin with myself
I love a dem girls them screamin
There givin me sexual healin
Now i feel fine so jack it up one time
Them want i them want i To perform as them general
Them claim say them claim say
We have the credential
Now I’m feelin like my skin is peelin'
The girls are fine i wanna see them one more time
They got my body burning
Baby I’m yearning for you to be mine
Oh well so jack it up one last time

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