Текст песни «J Dot:» — Snow

Текст песни «J Dot:» из альбома 2002 года «Two Hands Clapping» Snow.

J Dot:

Hi well
Hi, hi, hi Hi will
Hi, hi hi Hi, hi, hi laugh
You ready
Hi, well my name’s Justisse
I can not know my comostios
Me and my mommy and my dad were meant to be Dooby dobby dobby
Hi well my name is Darrin
All I shall be sharing
Me and Justisse mama were meant to be Mommy let me sing to you
Mommy together we’ll be Together we’ll see
Forever we’ll be Company
You and Me It’s late so I gotta go Make my bath and my powerpuff show
It’s been nice just hanging around
I hope you like my daddys' new sound
Good job my little princess, time to go to sleep now
Mommy I don’t want to go to sleep yet
I want to stay up with daddy
Double on screen
Blow the flute
flute sound
Blow the flute
flute sound

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