Текст песни «Drunken Styles (LP Version)» — Snow

Текст песни «Drunken Styles (LP Version)» из альбома 1993 года «12 Inches Of Snow» Snow.

Drunken Styles

Told ya told ya Nuff respect nuff respect
Yes daddy snow he might have talk of de tone
Nuff respect nuff respect
Daddy prince he might have talk of de tone
Yes I know this a bwoy me say here’s how me call me say
Come on me house me say eat and be cool
There’s a cake man a bake man a in a oven a Yes Daddy Snow he might have talk of the tone
Prince man a prince them a talk about
Prince man a prince man them might go talk about
Prince man a prince man them might go talk about
Daddy Snow da Daddy Snow me I go talk about
Me say me at a dungeon, ch&ion rock
Roam dance hall in a mess ???
Roam dance Holland a roam up England
Roam up Jamaica me a in a Canada
King New York got me out 40
Not seen him till before year’s eve
But when you drink a full yeah you know what’s there
Yeah I got flip flip flip flip flip an' rip
You never know say Daddy snow me come back again
Dance a mixer a they call Prince eh Now here’s the way now that’s they way not in not 'ey y’all
la la la la la la la la la lay-a
Yes sir Daddy Snow I might go sing it same way
Yes Daddy snow me come back again
That makes me a better prince eh?
Me know dis a bwoy me say he’s a ???
Come on me house come on before he say
Eat a de cake man a eat it before
If it isn’t Daddy Snow me a talk of the tone
Me used to stand up in the side man 'pon de corner
Me used to reach in a me ??? 'pon an' over
And my blokes dem a hang in a different area
Dem a know Daddy Snow is an entertainer
Gonna roam up a dance in nice area
Yes sir Daddy Snow me I go talk about
Yes sir Daddy Prince me I go talk about
Yes sir Daddy Snow me I go talk about
Yes sir Daddy Prince me I go talk about
La la la ping pong didilly dong steng eng eng?
Aah Daddy Snow
Rough like a teacher
Woof like a tiger
Woof like a bear man, lord
Me know dis a bwoy he say come Allenburry
Rock on the microphone rock steady
Have a best friend and a call him Terry
Have another one of them a call him Jamie
Don’t forget me brother Shaun sister Ashley
He say Jamie me I live with mummy
Don’t forget me pappa dem a call him pappy yeah
Yes daddy snow are de roam da belly an'
Yes Daddy Snow dance on along
Yes Daddy Snow might have talk of the tone
??? yes sir Daddy Snow had a boom boom boom boom diddily diddily diddily diddily boom
Lord have mercy

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