Текст песни «Creative Child (LP Version)» — Snow

Текст песни «Creative Child (LP Version)» из альбома 1993 года «12 Inches Of Snow» Snow.

Creative Child

This is mega mega breakdown
So give me the crown
So I can flip as a lyrics needs ad lib
I shootin' with the gift
Lift like a twelve gauge
Leavin' in a daze
'Cause Snow is in a rage
Praisin' like a preacher
Knowledge of a teacher
Wicked as a tyrant
Heritage Irish
No not Jamaican
Moves I ain’t fakin'
It would be mistakin'
For me to be taken
I’ll buy another
So run for cover
And when I strike
Take flight like Nikes
'Cause I come solo
Aka Snow
And when I let you know
You got a hard way
Hard long and stiff
But that’s only if You decide to riff and get flipped
Flipped like a hooker
Paid full in time
I’m known to design
I sing, chant and rhyme
The week that I trample
So here’s an example
I am ample, yes, I am ample
Swift with the tongue
My new style of drum
I got real busy like a bee and then I stung
Well changing up the styles
And into the piles
Swinging through the files, 'cause I’m a Creative child
Well back to the flow
You know I’m here to go Now with this record jam dance
Ya stand tippy-toe because
All the talk no jokin', talk no, all the talk for me All the talk no jokin', talk no, all the talk for me Now what did I do Now what did I train
I’m often can’t get me own
But leave every time we go because of spiritual it goes
All the talk no jokin' talk no all the talk for me At the dance the women DJ come for free
Now me say hush up your mouth
No bigger keep sighing little lord
The fun that I beat them up enough argument
Now what me gonna do am I gonna get violent
And gonna come down my house and them tear down my fence
A kicked a ball through my window
This is something that you mustn’t really know because
All the talk no jokin', talk no, all the talk for me All the talk no jokin', talk no, all the talk for me Lord have mercy
Creative child
Yeah, I wanna go say peace to all the Slemans out there
Check it out y’all
To Jamie, check it out y’all
Trouble T, don’t forget to check it out y’all
My mix all prince, check it out y’all
To Kelly check it out y’all
To the home boys, check it out y’all
check it out
Don’t forget the fat boy they call Itchy
Well check it out, peace y’all
And I’m out

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