Текст песни «Don't stop believing» — Side A

Текст песни «Don't stop believing» из альбома 2008 года «Side a (blue)» Side A.

Don't stop believing

At times we feel so lost and all alone
And never could explain
Why these things happen
We’d always try to do things on our own
And think we don’t need others
But we’re mistaken
It’s time for us to draw the line
Forget what’s yours and mine
Together we must understand
We’re better as one
So don’t stop, hey don’t stop believing
Though life in this world is deceiving
The love in our hearts, let’s be giving
From now on I wish we’d always fight for what is right
Let’s seek the truth for what we should live for
It’s not a shame to be guided by the light
This way we’ll have more strength
And we will fear no more
Be on your guard
Stand firm in the faith
Be men of courage, be strong
Do everything in love

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