Текст песни «Insidiously» — Sia

Текст песни «Insidiously» из альбома 2003 года «Healing Is Difficult [Deluxe]» Sia.


Mind you mind me You thought you could climb me
I’m sorry to cut your rope
Bu in you I’ve lost all hope
Mind you mind me I haven’t seen you lately
Oh how many times you liked to phone
To see if your seed I could sow
I tell you if that’s what you’re about
Friends like you I can do without
Mind you mind me I laught at your transparency
You’re my new best friend
Your fucked up life can I mend
Mind you mind me I find it interesting to see
When I only offer you a smile, oh how
You forget to dial
Believe me, I know you work
Insidiously (repeat)
Mind you mind me, you smile so sweetly
I’d call you an acquaintance stop with
Your exaggeration
Mind you mind me How things can change is a good week
Call me ruthless
But you stretch the truth oh yes
I tell you if that’s what you’re about

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