Текст песни «Growing Down» — Sees

Текст песни «Growing Down» из альбома 2015 года «Three Winters» Sees.

Growing Down

You couldn’t fathom the river of shame
It has no meaning and fills up our ears with distaste
and they’re claiming their words are the law
What are you teaching?
Why are you preaching and who do you plan to save?
A scowl reaping flown
and when you’re finished growing up, you can join me in growing down
Another handful of threats from the frail
Let’s all bare witness and watch all their dreams be impaled
by time
You tongue tied mess
I don’t even give a shit about what you have to say
You don’t matter either way
You’re filling an ocean of hate and killing an ocean of dreams
Nothing but broken promises
Chew them up, swallow them down and shit them out on the masses
Step off your soapbox and please stop the feeding
for once and for all
You’re down to the last penny'
now take your bow
inside we’re bleeding, outside your feeding and hungry for the next
you’re just a scowl, reaping, and you’ve flown astray
and when you’re finished growing up you can join me in growing down
You sell a million words that don’t fucking mean a thing
and I’m here to tear you down off you’re fucking cross
and I know that suddenly you’ve realized that you’re trapped inside your own
and I know your suffering, when you realize that you’re as lost as the words
you say

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