Текст песни «No Aire» — OH No

Текст песни «No Aire» из альбома 2006 года «Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms» OH No.

No Aire

I’m like Johnny Mnemonic
With the ill verse, but I’m hooked on phonics
You wanna get up on it
It’ll cost you six mill' to get bionic
And that’s the old level
You want original sin I can bring the devil
But I’d rather play the angel
No excuse me, play the angle
Birds flock in, «She's ugly!»
But she’s so fly, she got halo
And she should do as she’s told
Play with my Skittles 'til she taste the rainbow
On the dancefloor, we throw 'bows
Ask «Billie Jean,"I can make the ground glow
Serious like the color of blood
But I’m pure like color of doves
Check the needle, check the monitor
Check the mic, it’s a rap/wrap
You need to leave that crack alone
Comin out the side of yo' face like you Sly Stallone
That won’t work
Catch a bottle to your face, your man’s a jerk
You heard «9 Lashes,"this is the 10th one
Battle fake MC’s, this is a real one
Oh No brought the drums
And I’m more like Jesus, not the step-son
Y’all should do windows
I’m Vast Aire, you’re small like an airplane pillow
Let’s get one thing straight
It’s my time to shine, y’all gotta wait
Reel 'em in like fish to the bait
«You cats got beef?"Cause we eat steak «Huh?»
You need to start payin your dues
Start clickin your shoes, get me some cheesecake

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