Текст песни «Softly To Me (Stereo Version)» — Love

Текст песни «Softly To Me (Stereo Version)» из альбома 1966 года «Love» Love.

Softly To Me

I could love you more and more each day for a million years
And IЂ™d sit around all day just crying happy tears
To dance and sing my life away (life away)
And laughing with you, my darling, softly to me Orange, sugar, chocolate, hot cinnamon and lovely things and you
And darling, you know there was really nothing else that I could do Bridge:
And my darling you will never know how elegant
YouЂ™ll always be to me
And my darling I was so in love it was evident for anyone
To see, and I suppose they already do And how come so suddenly everything depends on you
And if I kissed you once IЂ™d probably do it again
But then thatЂ™s not so inconceivable, my friend

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