Текст песни «Seven and Seven Is (LP Version)» — Love

Текст песни «Seven and Seven Is (LP Version)» из альбома 2005 года «Rhino Hi-Five: Love» Love.

Seven and Seven Is

7 And 7 Is 7 AND 7 IS LOVE
When I was a boy I thought about the times I’d be a man
I’d sit inside a bottle and pretend that I was in a can
In my lonely room I’d sit my mind in an ice cream cone
You can throw me if you wanna 'cause I’m a bone and I go Oop-ip-ip oop-ip-ip yeah!
If I don’t start cryin' it’s because that I have got no eyes
My father’s in the fireplace and my dog lies hypnotized
Through a crack of light I was unable to find my way
Trapped inside a night but I’m a day and I go Oop-ip-ip oop-ip-ip, yeah!

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