Текст песни «She Comes» — Lit

Текст песни «She Comes» из альбома 2001 года «Atomic» Lit.

She Comes

Common sense
Goes out the window like a cigarette
I take a hit again
When all her friends
They talk about me in a past tense
I take the hit again
She walks in in the middle of the night
Like we’re good to go All screwed up but it just feels right
And I don’t wanna know where you go Or how we went wrong
And when I think I can’t go on She comes
And she comes
But when she goes she always takes away the best of me She comes
And she comes
And when she’s done I’m left with nothin' but the rest of me Ignorance
My only explanation for this mess
I think about it when
We’re on the fence
Between what is and what it should’ve been
I take the hit again
Whatever she does
I always come undone

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