Текст песни «Bow Down» — La

Текст песни «Bow Down» из альбома 2003 года «The Mahem Clique» La.

Bow Down

Uh huh, yeah
Killa California’s Most Wanted
Most wanted
You know, you know, you know
Mr. Shadow and the Saint ALT
Motherfuckers picture that
From Dago to LA
Check it Feel the bass like the back of my hand when it hits
All you fake motherfucker on my wannabe list
Ain’t that a bitch, back again with a gangsta twist
It’s Mr. Shadow from Dago, Southern Cali the sick
Homey with metal or sticks we can get our bang on Real G’s kicking them punk bitches never stay long
Lil’who? never heard of you homey
Keep my name out your mouth or I’ll murder you homey
You all know me as the night stalker
619 Amici Parker dodging cops and helicopters
To hell with you coppers
Fuck your neighborhood watching crime stoppers you nosey motherfuckers
Mind your own business if you wanna live longer
Roam with the sickest if you wanna be stronger
Ain’t nothing wrong but your lips running wild
So shut the fuck up or get a dick up in your mouth
When we come up in your hood we make em bow down
From SD to Hollywood we make em bow down
When you’re rolling in your ride you better bow down
And when they speak on Brown Pride we make em bow down
You wanna battle me and Shadow
You up the creek without a paddle motherfucker, round em up like they were
I’m hitting harder than your fucking stepfather
And I’m coming through your hood heated like I was lava
You caught up in some bullshit
I got a full clip of shells for motherfuckers, you knew you couldn’t fool this
So deal with it homey the best that you can
Or I’ll come up in your hood and it’s just me and my man
We’ll be strapped down with guns, got gats in each hand
And I’ll do you like Godzilla did to fucking Japan
So embrace a motherfucker like I was a god
And you can meet me in the back and we’ll be taking a shot
Breaking em off a little something, man you know how we do it
I’ll be puffing on a pound in the back, sipping the fluid
I’m keeping it Brown, I’m sipping the Crown
I’m puffing a pound, I’m making them all bow down
Bow down it’s the sickest
Motherfucker with the thickest caliber grain known to bust the quickest
It’s Killer Cali baby haven’t you heard
We’re some everyday bangers blazing trees on the curb
Nothing but sticky herb swerving down the highway
When I’m in this bitch, shit we do it my way
Fly straight or get your wings cut off
A tatted up G, all you bitches fuck off
A snub nose for all you punk hoes
23 to the motherfucking 20
You know we don’t play in the streets
It’s Mr. Shadow and the Saint ALT
The most requested, caution is suggested
Figures you can get some hoe, don’t try to test this
Smith and Wessun repping, loaded for you haters
I’ll smoke now and I’ll worry about you bitches later

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