Текст песни «Reindeer Boogie» — Jingle Bells

Текст песни «Reindeer Boogie» из альбома 2015 года «Modern Xmas Classics» Jingle Bells.

Reindeer Boogie

Santa had a cup of coffee and he ate a little snack
Thru his pack right over his back
Open the windows of his little shack
And Shouted Oh Dasher and Dancer
Vixen and Blitzen come on here
Were gonna get a-going and spread some cheer
So limber your legs and sharpen your hooves
Cause tonight is the night were gonna jump on the roof
Well the reindeer they were so proud and grand
To take another trip all over the land
They jumped right into thier proper place
To get hepped up for that midnight race
Ol' Santa he shook off the ice and snow
Boarded his sleigh and then yelled «Lets go!»
All the little toys were happy too cause they were so bright and new
A little piano then started to play
Oh Santa began to swing and sway
Thought he heard a toy drum starting to beat
But he found it was just the rhythm of the reindeer feet
The reindeer boogied in the middle of the road
Tonight we have a mighty big load
Dont boogie to the left, now boogie to the right
Do the reindeer boogie this Christmas eve night

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