Текст песни «Timeless Cell Of Prophecy (Album)» — Heathen

Текст песни «Timeless Cell Of Prophecy (Album)» из альбома 1991 года «Victims Of Deception» Heathen.

Timeless Cell Of Prophecy

Prophecy’s fear that the end is near
As the world takes its final stage
The hearts of many are full of disbelief
As demons fill the air
Raping the minds of the future
Bringing their faith to an end
Blocking the light of the spiritual guide
Leaving us empty again
You will see fire
As the world becomes a living hell
Taking the forces of evil for granted
And that is where you failed
Night after night, you darken the light
Filling the shadows with fear
Your thirst for the blood will be your undoing
Locked in a timeless cell
How many times must we live this life
Before we see the truth
Tempted by the fruit of deceit
Juice to replenish our youth
How can you live in such hatred?
How can you live in such fear?
Why is your conscience empty with lies
While your cup is forever filled

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