Текст песни «Prisoners Of Fate (Album)» — Heathen

Текст песни «Prisoners Of Fate (Album)» из альбома 1991 года «Victims Of Deception» Heathen.

Prisoners Of Fate

There’s got to be a solution
There must be a cure
Something to get me through this confusion
What will it take to set me free?
The time that’s passed is full of frustration
So much to tell, but no words to say
I’ve suffered enough and my dues are paid
No turning back now
I’m on my way
When I look back I see
A time of misery
At times it seemed that it would never end
Life is a gamble
No matter how you play the game
Roll the dice and take your chances
Win or lose it doesn’t matter
'Cause there’s no escape
When you’re a prisoner of fate
Anything is possible
But nothing is ever really sure
Not always knowing what’s wrong or right
Your only choice is to decide
I stand alone in the pouring rain
I just had to say
Capture the moment before it’s gone
You’ve got the stren>h to carry on I was condemned to feel
This pain that’s so unreal
The chains that bind me are behind me know
Once I was lost in the abyss
No longer could I go on like this
Prisoners of fate

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