Текст песни «Shoot The Moon» — Face To Face

Текст песни «Shoot The Moon» из альбома 2004 года «How To Ruin Everything» Face To Face.

Shoot The Moon

Back in '95 when this was new
I guess I didn’t have a clue
I thought the world would change with the right song
So we picked it up and moved it out
And turned the whole thing upside down
I told myself it wouldn’t be too long
And I believed in everyone
And everything they told me And I believed that anything
Anything was possible
Shoot the moon
Shoot the moon
Shoot the moon
Hit or miss it makes no difference
Back when everything was looking up I thought I’d never get enough
I didn’t let the world obstruct my view
And we thought that it would never end
We had our fun in spite of it And paved the way for something slightly new
Graded On A Curve

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