Текст песни «Everything Is Everything» — Face To Face

Текст песни «Everything Is Everything» из альбома 2016 года «Don't Turn Away (Reissue)» Face To Face.

Everything Is Everything

we’ve got a lot of questions
we’ve got a lot to learn
so tired of solving problems
too many bridges burned
we see it all so clearly and still we close our eyes
why should we understand it?
what good is knowing why?
I know that life can be filled with these changes
I know there’s times when it feels like I’m falling
I know something in my life will change again
now I’ve got a lot of questions
I’ve got a lot to learn
I’m tired of solving problems
too many bridges burned
I can’t change what’s in the past
I want to move ahead
I want to understand it give me the reason why
I’m tired of running these circles in my life
I’ve seen the future it changes before my eyes
and I know that there is something that’s going to change in my life
I know my life will change again

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