Текст песни «Jordan (Interlude)» — Dream

Текст песни «Jordan (Interlude)» из альбома 2001 года «It Was All A Dream» Dream.

Jordan (Interlude)

Yeah, yeah, what’s up. This is Jordan.
I’m not at the crib right now but if you leave your nameand number. Or matter
of fact, Just go ahead and page me.888−555−2620 and when I get the hit, I’ll
hit you.
Peace Out
~Friday 5:09 PM~
Hey Jordan. It’s Diana. I just got back from the mall. I was waiting for you
but I guess something must have come up because you weren’t there. Um, I’m
going to be at reheasal 8:00 tonight so if you can please try to call me before
then Because I would like to talk to you. Ok? Bye
~Friday 5:13 PM~
Hey Jordan. It’s Melissa. Um, we were supposed to go to the beach together
today but um, you didn’t show up. So, um, I guess you had something better to do but whatever. Um, give me a call sometime before 8 because I’m gonna beat the
studio so yeah, just give me a call 'Cause I’d liketo talk to you. So, um,
yeah, bye.
~Friday 6:21 PM~
Hi Jordan. It’s Holly. Um, I guess you didn’t call me oranything 'cause I was
sitting at home all day waiting foryou. But um, maybe something came up or something. Justgive me a call when you get this. I have to go to thestudio at 8
so maybe you can call me before I go and thenI’ll get to talk to you. So, I’ll
talk to you later. Ok? Bye
~Friday 8:27 PM~
Hey Jordan. This is Ashley. So what’s up with you? You thinkyou can play me today or what? And the rest of my girls? Naw, I don’t think so. You know what?
We’re at the studio rightnow. I don’t know what makes you think you can play
all ofus but it ain’t gonna happen.
~End of Messages~

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