Текст песни «How Long» — Dream

Текст песни «How Long» из альбома 2001 года «It Was All A Dream» Dream.

How Long

There’s a place in my heart that I go when I dream. A place that nobody can see.
Everynight I see love, I see someone who’s waiting, waiting for someone like
He must be out there, somewhere, someone for me.
Tell me how long till I’m not just dreamin? How long till somebody cares?
How long till I meet and angel? And give him my heart. When can I start?
How long till I fall in love?
I sit everynight, by my window just wishing, and searching for one perfect star.
Can anyone hear me? Or more, If you’re listening, please send him right here
to my heart.
He must be out there, somewhere, waiting for me. Tell me just how long will it be?
I’ve always believed that my dreams would come true. That one of these night
he’d appear, he’d be here in my arms. I see it all so cearly how it could be.
I wish he was kissing me now.
How long till I fall in love?
How long till I fall in love?

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