Текст песни «Holly Interlude» — Dream

Текст песни «Holly Interlude» из альбома 2008 года «Dream Reality» Dream.

Holly Interlude

Hey it’s me We need to talk
There’s a lot of things on my mind
I just don’t think I can do this anymore
I’ll be over at your house at seven
Okay? Bye
Message Deleted
You have no more messages
I am standing here alone
Looking out upon this world
Wishing I had never known
What love could do to this girl
I can’t stop the rush of tears
As my heart tears from my chest
And I realize now, my greatest fear
Is torturous at best
When the night falls I will miss you
As the sky comes crashing down
And I’ll pray that I can make it through
'Till day break comes around
Once, you were all I wanted
My love for you was all I owned
And now my world is forever haunted
As I sit here all alone

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