Текст песни «Blackened Soul» — Do Or Die

Текст песни «Blackened Soul» из альбома 2002 года «The Meaning of Honor» Do Or Die.

Blackened Soul

Here I am, I have nothing to prove
Right now, there’s nothing left to loose
My only desire is to stay with you
But my ego told me to kill you too
I am not afraid of the consequences
There’s a conflict between me And my conscience
I’m known as the sickest one around
The f**kin' mad one who can bring you down
But remember for ever I’m your friend
Even if forever means your own end!
Cause like death I’m insane and unstable
And like poison, I can be sweet but horrible
If your soul is as cold and dark as mine
So join me at the table!
Confusion’s in my veins
Eternal hate’s by my side
Deeply blinded by pain
From me you cannot hide

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