Текст песни «65 Years Of Respect, Blood And Pride» — Do Or Die

Текст песни «65 Years Of Respect, Blood And Pride» из альбома 2002 года «The Meaning of Honor» Do Or Die.

65 Years Of Respect, Blood And Pride

We belong to our families
& so does our blood
And for them we would she’d it…
Without a moment’s hesitation
Gathering our 2 lines…
Was a success thanks to…
The maturity and…
Respect of our elders
It’s been 65 years…
That our bloods were blended…
And our families grow…
Larger and stronger
Year… after… year
When the little Iano…
Was brought in the world…
The alliance was forged
We all have the same roots…
And the same origins…
Their source lies in the blood,
Red like vengeance and the…
Honor of our fathers
By hearing our music…
The ones who know us know…
Who are the leaders,
And they know who beat time
Lu canto famigliare spargi
Violence e terrore pi li nostri nimici
Pace e calore pi li nostri amici
Fierta e onore pi nostri fratelli e sorelle
Born on an island
In the middle of nowhere,
Our renown
Has now crossed the borders,
And the name of the
Family is mentioned
With respect everywhere
Na nostra famiglia
Non' pardoniamo mai
Na nostra famiglia
Si vivi onoratamente
Na nostra famiglia
Non' naviemo pieta
Na nostra famiglia
Si vivi onoratamente
At home, we don’t talk because
Walls have ears, and as Our fathers used to say,
A man who doesn’t talk much
Is a man who knows…
Na nostra famiglia

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