Текст песни «The Life Brigade» — DemOn

Текст песни «The Life Brigade» из альбома 2012 года «Taking the World by Storm» DemOn.

The Life Brigade

There’s a kid down in the underground
Waging psychedelic war
While a call girl checks a guy’s credit card
On a midnight crawl
There’s a boy with a laser eye
Shooting the neon sky
It’s an electric age
The terraces dance to the tune of the camera
It’s a hooligan’s faze
Here we come the life brigade
Watch out for the life brigade
The race is on for Africa
Can we save the poor?
The preachers buy up network time
It’s all in God’s cause
The world sang a song for Nelson Mandela
What a birthday show
The faces were smiling on acid house music
What a way to go Here we come the life brigade
Watch out for the life brigade
Do you know just what you’re looking for?
When the wind blows in an age of change
The closeness that we once knew and held so dear
Seems so distant now in a cold world of greed
Hitler’s in the Sunday Sport
An alien from World War Three
Ronnie Reagan’s out to graze
It’s the cowboy’s final scene
The wrappers are wrappin'
Plastic is flashin'
Another rent boy’s caused a stink
It’s a ghetto blaster
Not a major disaster
It’s just the way a generation thinks
Here we come the life brigade

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