Текст песни «Fatso Nero» — D.I.

Текст песни «Fatso Nero» из альбома 2015 года «On The Western Front» D.I..

Fatso Nero

Put on your sheets and wreaths…
follow in the footsteps of Caligula.
Study the logic of Fatso Nero…
wine, women and song.
'Cuz it’s a modern day…
Roman empire.
Where girls hone all the boys,
diseases passed around like a game of…
TAG--and now you’re in it!
It’s a modern day Romanhood.
You’re not the first to be no good.
You’ll never know what kind of life it is.
Eating sweet and plenty grapes,
bonin' down on a bitch.
Praying to the Gods,
in the sluaghterhouse of Athens.
If mom saw you smoking pot,
she’d throw you to the lions… NERO!
Die… you've got it!

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